CXS and 01T Join Forces and prepare to launch Global Network Exchange

CXS Connected Enterprise Limited (CXS) and 01 Telecom Limited (Trading as 01T) have announced today the merger of both organisations. The two operations will merge in their entirety and will trade under the singular 01T brand from the new year.


The merger enables the company to realise its ambitious vision to re-write the rules of international network connectivity and launch their new Global Network Exchange platform. Building on an already recognised and established business, 01T are committed to revolutionising the way the market operates; by providing global coverage alongside exceptional service.


Existing CXS clients will benefit from additional technical capabilities and services, and a larger team of experts to support you, to complement the high-quality existing service. The objective of shifting the industry norm and providing an exceptional service to clients is an ethos that has been shared between the joining companies since their inception. It prevails as a central feature in their advancing strategy.


We're proud to share with you our mission, vision and ethos, and welcome you on our journey to revolutionise the way connectivity and infrastructure is delivered to you.